Tractor Trailer Repair for the Rest of Us

Tractor trailer repair for the rest of us sounds like a cliché, but it's not. The reality is: there is a difference in buying power between a fleet with 1 unit and a fleet with 250 units, and even 250 units compared to a fleet with 3000 units. The truth is: size does not dictate how well your fleet performs. Nor does it dictate maintenance cost per unit.

You DO!

When it comes to tractor trailer repair, you have the power and the ability to level the playing field with fleets 10 times your size. How? It's pretty simple really. Most large fleets operate on a simple business make/save money on the buy. The problem is: that is all they focus on. They use their size to make good buys on parts for their inventory. Big whoop. What they fail to realize is they are in the trucking business not the parts sales business. Making a ROI (return on your investment) does not end after the purchase of parts. Saving 10% on LED lights does not provide enough ROI if 60% of your lights are replaced on the road. The way to level the playing field is to actively manage your assets.

You actively manage your assets by:

  1. making good buys on parts inventory
  2. actively manage that parts inventory level
  3. track your tractor trailer repairs
  4. institute and execute a strict maintenance program
  5. perform repairs in house or in pre-arranged trailer repair shops that you have personally visited
  6. train your drivers

Some of you right now are thinking..."Paul...that sounds pretty easy, except for that driver part. My drivers are pretty stubborn. They insist that they are not truck or trailer mechanics. They just drive the truck."

My advice to you would be to re-evaluate your training program in general. Over the last 20 years or so I have seen plenty of drivers with that attitude, but I have seen tenfold more with the highest desire to help a company be successful. Remember drivers are one of your biggest assets, but we'll save that for another article.

Right now you are here for information on tractor trailer repairs. I want you to start out, no matter how experienced you are, by evaluating your maintenance program. You can learn more about maintenance programs by clicking on the link maintenance programs. To this day I think of or talk with someone about a new concept or an out dated practice that saves or costs a company so much time and money.

Did you learn something new? I thought you might

If you looked around for a minute, you probably just read how tractor trailer alignment should be a part of your scheduled maintenance program, and that it can save you thousands of dollars per year per trailer. Now you just need to know what to look for and how to perform a trailer alignment. Don't worry I have you covered. I will even be teaching you how to perform more in depth trailer repairs including:

  • everything you need to know about the panels on your trailer
  • how to perform all sorts of roof repairs on your semi trailer
  • semi trailer lights and wiring
  • the ins and outs of tractor trailer doors
  • trailer floor repairs
  • and don't forget about trailer ABS

Remember, repairing your trailers is normal. The key is to control maintenance costs by controlling your assets. Making tractor trailer repairs promptly and properly by qualified trailer mechanics will keep that positive ROI from turning negative quickly due to un-necessary repairs being made on the road.

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