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A tractor trailer manufacturer is someone who is in the business of manufacturing trailers. Today, this can mean complete ground up manufacturing, assembly of sub components, or many things in between. Many of the manufacturers have been around for a number of years. Some have entered the semi-trailer market just a few years ago, and some have been in and out of business over the years.

Trailer manufacturers have developed many different business models. It is not uncommon for a trailer manufacturer to specialize in one type of trailer with multiple lines and models of that type of trailer. Other manufacturers may have two or three types of trailers with several models of each type.

You are most likely interested in a type of semi-trailer, such as a flatbed. I think it may be best to introduce you to manufactures of trailers by type rather than by brand. After all if you knew the brand you wanted you would just go to that manufacturers website.

Below you will find links to different types of tractor trailer manufacturers within this site. The links are sorted by trailer type. The link will take you to a page with all of the tractor trailer manufacturers who build that type of trailer. It will also have interesting points of view for selecting one particular brand of trailer over another.

I think you will find it very helpful.

Manufacturers by Type

Dry van is industry lingo for a non-refrigerated box trailer. It has walls on three sides, a roof made out of aluminum or fiberglass and either swing doors or a roll door at the rear allowing access to the cargo area. This section includes drop deck vans or step deck vans depending on where you are in the country.

Flatbed is used to identify trailers with no walls, roofs, or doors. They may however have a front wall or bulkhead installed as an add on safety option.

Reefers are similar to dry vans in that they have walls on three sides, a roof, and either swing or roll door. Other than that they are constructed in an entirely different manner with almost opposite objectives.

Dump trailers are manufactured mostly for the construction and agricultural industries. These trailers are usually loaded by heavy machinery and self unload by raising up and dumping their contents.

Lowboy trailers are generally used to transport heavy oversized equipment and machinery. They are sometimes referred to as a double drop. However not all lowboys are double drops. Lowboys can be manufactured as non-detachable, detachable, mechanical, and even as a double drop van like a car hauler.

Hydraulic trailer manufacturers can be found here. Hydraulics on a trailer can be used several ways. They can operated the tail of the trailer to aid in loading or unloading of cargo. Or it may lift the front of the trailer creating a ramp to load or unload cargo. This type to tractor trailer manufacturer builds specialized trailers very specific to your needs.

B-Train trailers are available in two main types...flats or dumps.

Hopper trailers are most commonly used in agricultural business and road construction.

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